Your special request

has nothing special for BILION

A different component than usual. An adjustment to a model that already exists. A small quantity order.

For the “big ones” in the market, their unusual order is a complication. Even if they say yes, they will take so long to deliver that when they find the opportunity, they are gone.

For BILION, it is different: your order – even if it is special – is nothing special for us.

We have been in the market since 1999 and special requests are our daily routine for dozens of customers. As we are right here in Europe you can still count on short delivery times and quality above all. The capacity of our facilities also contributes to this – soon with a total of 7800 m2.

In addition, we are a family business. And, as with
families, you can count on us whenever you need – in the calculation, in the choice of materials, in the installation or in the breakdowns.

It is one of the advantages of not being giants. The other, for you, is that we really want to grow. For us, your business is special.

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Armazém 2 central

This is our family.

in other words, yours.

Always ready, committed and passionate about what she does: that’s how our team is.

They are people who do not rest since they receive your order until they see you leave our doors for yours.

People with many years of experience and a good level of technical skills, in areas ranging from production to logistics, through design and customer service.

They are our pride and are here waiting for you, ready to help you to meet the demands of your customers.

Álvaro Silva

What we are doing