Request. Rigor. Method.

The base for everything we do.

We are a small company – but in everything we do we put great rigor.

As everything we manufacture is made right here in Europe, we are able to maintain a quality standard that is not always the usual today.

It also helps that we are not a giant company. With a cohesive and highly motivated team, it is easier to ensure that the culture of demand and the concern for customer satisfaction is shared by everyone. For us, quality is:

  • Check your order every time
    • Every 200 pieces, in each of the production stages, we stop everything to guarantee the visual and dimensional control of our products. And as it never hurts to check, our technicians perform an extra check twice a day.
  • Follow the best quality management standards
    • BILION follows the norms of ISO 9001, the internationally recognized Quality Management System and a guarantee of good practices for you.
  • Taking care of our employees
    • If our employees always treat their requests so well, we couldn’t help but treat them well. We guarantee safety and promote the training and well-being of our entire team. And we motivate you to comply and develop our quality policy.
  • Assess your satisfaction
    • We periodically assess whether you are satisfied with our products and services. And we don’t rest until we find out where to improve.
  • Looking for the Environment
    • In order to have a sustainable environmental footprint, we are concerned with minimizing waste and valuing the waste produced by our activity.
  • Complaints and Suggestions
    • For any matter related to the quality theme, complaint or suggestion for improvement or even praise, please contact BILION at

Certified Quality

Bilion is ISO 9001 certified. Therefore, when choosing us, you are assured of having a partner who follows the best international practices.


Any accessories with problems? Don't worry: all our products have a one year warranty against manufacturing defects.

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